19 апреля в институте компьютерных наук и технологического образования РГПУ им. А.И. Герцена прошел международный семинар «Электронное обучение: новые практики» (рабочий язык – английский)

Photoreportage Research trips of Researchers from Uex, Spain, OU, Czech Republic at the HSPU, Russia, April 2017. Part 1

Photoreportage 2 on Research trip of reserchers from BGKU, DSTU Ukraine, HSPU Russia, US Poland to Uex Spain, February-March 2017

Photoreportage of researchtrip a researchersfrom

Tecnologías y multiculturalidad en la universidad global: Un proyecto Marie Curie

Reserch trip of the researchers from Ukraine and Russia at the University of Silesia, Poland, October 2016

Author: Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska and IRNet researchers

Stay the European Researchers at the Curtin University, Perth, AU, November 2016

Photoreportage, prepared by Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska

The impact of ICT in international education: Marie Curie Actions in UEX

The article about stay researchers from University of Extremadura, Spain in Herzen State Pedagogical University, Sankt Petersburg, Russia, September 2016


"Awareness Inform Engage Promote" article (Series of publications on Irnet events in the newspaper “PedagogicheskieVesti” (Pedagogic News)), HSPU, SPB, Russia

IRNet European Researchers at the IT-Specialist Day

Aricle about participation IRNet European Researchers at the IT-Specialist Day 6th April at the Herzen State Technical University, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Researchers from Poland and Czech Republic in BGKU

The stay of researchers from University of Silesia, Poland and University of Ostrava, Czech Republic in Borys Grinchenko Kiev University, UA, April 2016

Photos HSPU SPB 2016

The stay of researchers from University of Twente, Netherland, University of Silesia, Poland, Constantine the Philosofer University, Slovakia, University of Extremadura, Spain in Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, SPb, Russia, April 2016

Project IRNet


E-learning - the inspiration for researchers

Theoretical and practical aspects of Distance Learning within the framework of the European project IrNET :

E-learning - the inspiration for researchers

7th Annual International Scientific Conference Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Distance Learning (DLCC2015)Subtitle: IT tools - Good Practice of Effective Use in Education DLCC2015 - Cieszyn, Poland, was held Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th October 2015. Short first photoreport

Interview with IRNet researchers from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic during their visiting Borys Grinchenko Kiev University, Ukraine in August-September 2015.

Open educational environment of a modern university" International scientific and practical conference. IRNet conrefence, August 20th, 2015, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Conference reports

IRNET researchers in Herzen State Pedagogical University 2015

Article in HSPU University paper about High-Tech Conference, 12 May 2015 (original in Russian)

Article about International research projects in Herzen University and vvsiting european researchers i April-May 2015 at HSPU, SPB, Russia

Original text of the article in Russian at the "Pedagogical News" University Newspaper (No 32(382) 2015)

Interview with reserachers from Ukraine and Russia, conducted by Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska, IRNet project coordinator during their visiting University of Silesia in October 2014. (Video prepared by Pawel Pawelczyk, Director of the Dictance Learning Center US)



Advertising information about IRNet project on the University’s and Computer Science Department’s web-site, UKF, Slovakia

Advertising information about hosting IRNet project researchers on the University’s and Computer Science Department’s web-site, UKF, Slovakia

An article “Výskumný pobyt v Petrohrade” about research trip Slovak researchers to HSPU, SPb, Russia in April-May 2015

The articles in “Náščas” (University Magazine) about the research trip realized to the HSPU April-May 2015(p.22)

Information about the IRNet project at the website of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Advertising information on the university’s and Computer Science Department’s website

Final report about research trip and more important activities of IRNet researchers from BGKU, DSTU, Ukraine, HSPU, Russia, UEX, Spain in March 2014, prepared by Coordinator Spain team prof. Sixto Cubo

Interview of researchers from UEX HSPU, DSTU, BGKU Universities with the Press Office at UEX, 03-24-2014 during their research trip to University of Extremadura, Spain

IRNet Poster 1

IRNet Poster 2

IRNet Poster 3